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AUGUST 20 - 23


This retreat is for those looking to build their running repertoire with an opportunity to clock in open air kilometres, grow their practice in pre and post run selfcare through fascia-release and meditation, plus fine-tune their run goals for fall-specific races, or to extend their summer run practice. A blend of daily runs & workshops that merge various modalities including but not limited to: yoga, pilates, and functional movement -all designed and delivered by Adam Martin & Lisa Messina Movement. This retreat offers ample open time to enjoy the County’s wonders, and the option to include massage for any post run extra selfcare.



monday AUG 20

3pm: Arrivals / Snack
6pm: Welcome & Rollout
730pm: Dinner

tuesday aug 21

730am: Run
930am: Brunch
11am: Open
230pm: Snack
430pm: Movement Lab
7pm: Dinner
830pm: Restorative Yoga

wednesday aug 22

730am: Run
930am: Brunch
11am: Open
230pm: Snack
430pm: Movement Lab
730pm: Dinner

thursday aug 23

730am: Run & Rollout
930am: Brunch
1130am: Departures

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