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Lisa, Adam, and Jeronimo share a vision for an enterprise dedicated to the realization of human potential, community development, and sustainable wellness practices. Our programs embrace partnerships and collaboration in delivering a multiplicity of classes, courses, seminars, and retreats anchored in yoga, pilates, running, cycling, surfing, stand-up paddle, meditation, cross-training, somatic movement, and relational counselling. We also partner with experts from like-minded organizations that seek to explore opportunities for growth that leverage unconventional thinking and new perspectives.


Lisa Messina

Lisa is a passionate, innovative, and compassionate movement educator, teacher-trainer, and retreat host with over 10 years of experience. A dancer from the age of three, Lisa’s life work has always been devoted to exploring and sharing her passion for movement through a broad range of modalities. She is certified at the highest level as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, is a certified Pilates teacher, and has recently been certified in Level 1 and 2 of The Three Fold Way: a Relational Somatic Psychotherapy program. She understands the importance of creating a safe place for people to courageously dive into experiencing themselves and all of life more fully. Her mission is to integrate emotional awareness in relationship to self, others and the environment, with physical, dynamic, and therapeutic movement -all inspired from a variety of somatic modalities.


Adam Martin

Adam has a passion, extensive knowledge and proven experience in Brand Development, Creative Direction, Marketing, Purchasing & Inventory Management, and E-Commerce, with over 12 years spent in the luxury retail industry. He knows what it takes to create an idea, brand, and environment, coupled with a strong client relationship to deliver a unique and memorable product and service. While at Harry Rosen, he successfully developed the Harry’s Spring Run-Off in partnership with the Canadian Run Series, and the Princess Margaret Foundation for Prostate Cancer Research. His passion for personal growth and development has kept him active since a child playing soccer to an adult playing Australian Football, all while studying various practices of yoga. Today, his yoga practice remains strong, while feats of challenge include running, rock climbing, surfing, and cycling.


Jeronimo De Miguel

Jeronimo is a passionate strategist with over 20 years of experience in helping organizations establish meaningful connections through storytelling, purpose innovation, and advocacy. He comes from a family of vintners in Argentina, who have for generations shared a passion for grape growing and the art and science of making wine. His entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in productively challenging the status-quo led to the establishment in 2017 of ReFrame Logic, a consulting practice dedicated to helping individuals and organizations accelerate growth through breakthrough ideation and unconventional thinking. In 2012, Jeronimo was awarded a Jubilee Medal for his commitment to building strong and engaged communities throughout the country. An avid yoga practitioner, runner and novice surfer, he holds an MBA in Finance from the UofT and a BA from McGill.



Jaimée Horn

Jaimée orchestrates an expansive & resonant space - where imagination can stretch and bodies feel enriched. Everything she knows how to be is shaped by her background in movement. Her classes weave thoughtful sequences with carefully curated playlists. She is here because she wants to participate in creating beauty, because movement delights and stirs what is stagnant; because connecting is a portal to joyful self-awareness. Jaimée teaches public (and private) yoga classes, supports labouring people as they birth new babes into the world (she’s a DONA trained doula as well as a certified pre-natal yoga instructor), and hosts retreats in one of her favourite (and the most vibrant) corners of the planet. When not practicing or tending her garden, she’s wandering through High Park with her sweet girl Ella, or planning her next trip to the elemental spaciousness of Costa Rica.
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Adam Bolton

At its heart, mealtime - and the ritual of eating, connects us to the feeling of being nourished and cared for. Adam's food philosophy is founded on a deep-rooted desire to gather people together around wholesome food and shared experiences. He believes that healthful cooking can be vibrant, creative and wildly satisfying. The creativity that happens in County kitchens helps to tell the story of our farms, local producers, and at it's best is a pure celebration of each seasons bountiful cycle. Come feast on food and flavours that make you feel good!


Nina Taylor

As a Holistic Health Coach and Private Chef, Nina has a deep appreciation for the impact food can have on one's overall wellbeing. Using only the most vibrant ingredients to create simple, delicious, and beautifully nourishing meals that support the three pillars of wellness; bringing joy to the heart and mind, radiance to the spirit, and stability to the physical body.



In the spring of 1999, at the age of 25, Eric embarked on a pilgrimage of several weeks that would eventually lead him to Robert A Johnson’s door. There began his initiation into the world of dreams and an introduction to Active Imagination, Carl Jung’s technique for dreaming awake. From that time on, Eric undertook the lifelong pursuit of his own analysis with Robert A. Johnson, until shortly before his death last year, on September 12th 2018, at the age of 97.

From 1999, until Robert A Johnson’s retirement from the lecture circuit in 2001, Eric accompanied him on numerous lectures and workshops across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Eric has lectured in Montreal and held workshops in his new home province of British Columbia on Galiano Island, where he maintains a private practice.