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The Open Collective explores the potential of human achievement through mindful, expansive programming in a single, connected natural environment. Our inspiring surroundings and thoughtful classes, courses, seminars, and retreats provide an accessible and inclusive opportunity for introspection, reconnection and the exploration of today and tomorrow’s potential. We are born curious - our insatiable drive to learn, invent, explore, and discover deserves to have the same status as every other drive in our lives.

We believe a health-conscious, connected community has the potential to exponentially improve the human experience by enabling the full realization of both the individual and the whole. A sense of belonging resulting from an experience at The Open can be transformative and help illuminate a path towards the meaningful, unbound, open-minded existence many seek in their lives. 


Upcoming Retreats


aug 20-23

For those looking to build their running repertoire with an opportunity to clock in open air kilometres, grow their practice in pre and post run selfcare through fascia-release and meditation, plus fine-tune their run goals for fall-specific races, or to extend their summer run practice.

Aug 24-27

For those looking to sustain and enhance their movement repertoire while on summer vacation. A blend of daily practices that merge various modalities including but not limited to: yoga, pilates, somatics, and barre — all designed and delivered by Lisa Messina Movement.

Aug 28-30

For those looking to rest, heal, and re-balance. A blend of practices including massage ball techniques, restorative yoga, and meditation that will take you deep into experiencing yourself, others, and nature more intimately  — all designed and delivered by Lisa Messina Movement.

aug 31-sep 3

For those looking to celebrate the incoming harvest and everything nature has to offer. We will explore connection with the natural surroundings and each other through morning walks or runs, light movement practices, afternoons on the beach, and of course delicious food and wine.